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Breaking News: Virginia Supreme Court on Academic Freedom at UV [UPDATED]

UPDATED: Interview with Michael Mann on this court decision (and other matters).

An important Virginia Supreme Court finding came out today, related to the hugely complicated maneno that I feel totally unqualified to explain to you … but Michael Halpern of the Center for Science and Democracy is:

The Supreme Court of Virginia today found unanimously in favor of the University of Virginia in its attempt to protect its employees from unwarranted intrusions into their privacy through the commonwealth’s Freedom of Information Act (VFOIA). In doing so, the Court rebuffed efforts by the American Tradition Institute (ATI) to gain access to the private correspondence of UVa researchers. The Court’s decision signals to scientists at public universities that the pursuit of scientific knowledge will be protected in Virginia, no matter how their research results might be received.

For brevity’s sake, you can catch up on the events leading up to this decision in my preview of the court case and summary of oral arguments.

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