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Prediction: “It will be a girl. At least one of her names will be Diana.”

When the Royal Baby is born, any time now, it will be a girl, according to about 67% of some 50 psychics recently surveyed. If the psychics were guessing randomly, we would assume that about half of them would say “girl” and the other half would say “boy” but with a full 2/3rds saying one thing, we have to assume they are on to something. And, the lead psychic apparently said that one of the girl’s names will be Diana. At least one of her names. So possibly two of her names. She might be Diana Diana Diana Windsor. Apparently, this is a possibili…

…wait, what? The baby has already been borned? Excellent! Now we can find out what she will be named?

What? The Royal Couple has not named the child yet, or a t least, not released the name? Well, no matter, we know one of the girl’s names will be Dia….

… wait, what? What’s that you say? The baby is a BOY? Not a girl? Are you sure? Let me check on that.

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 9.45.48 PM

Whoa, you are right, it’s a boy!

Huh. The psychics were mostly wrong. About everything!

Who would have predicted that?

Not these guys, apparently.

Hat Tip idoubtit and archy

Image credit: Her Majesty’s The Royal Website