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Do you take Vitamin E to avoid prostate cancer? Stop. Now.

ResearchBlogging.orgIn a recent study, 35,533 prostate cancer-free men in a higher risk age group for prostate cancer in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico were given various treatments of Vitamin E, selenium, and placebo in order to see if claims that Vitamin E and/or Vitamin E with selenium were effective in reducing prostate cancer risk.

  • 8752 received selenium alone – 575 developed prostate cancer.
  • 8737 received Vitamin E alone – 620 developed prostate cancer.
  • 8702 received both – 555 developed prostate cancer.
  • 8696 placebo – 529 developed prostate cancer.

It turns out that Vitamin E may increase the risk of prostate cancer. Using Vitamin E and/or Selenium to reduce risk of prostate cancer in men old enough to have a higher risk of this disease is ineffective.

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