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Should I put Nitrogen in my Car Tires?

i-4cda757d99b944b50540e17f56dcc942-558px-Electron_shell_007_Nitrogen.svg-thumb-280x301-73434.pngThere is a spreading belief that if you put Nitrogen (instead of regular air) in your car tires, that you will get better gas mileage. The reasoning behind this may be sound, but the facts on which the reasoning is based are not correct. Therefore, the answer is no, it is not advantageous for the average person to use Nitrogen in their car tires. On even more detailed examination, it maybe that regular air is better than Nitrogen for most people. Nitrogen is in fact used in certain tires, and there may be a good reason for that, though the information I have is probably missing something. In other words, it is all rather complicated. The short answer is, don’t bother with the Nitrogen, but there are some interesting details:
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