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Better Holiday Fireplace Loops

In the old days (two years ago) there was a channel available on the Roku that would display a burning fire and play appropriate holiday music. So, people without a fireplace but who wanted one could pretend. I think there were channels like this on Cable or Satellite TV as well but I’ve not had those services in decades so I’m not sure.

The channel on the Roku was called Presto. Presto had an ad or two that would run when the program started up, then very rarely, another ad would show up. A small price to pay for all that masonry and firewood.

But over time the number of ads on Presto increased and increased an increased. This morning, Huxley, who likes to have the fireplace on during the holiday season, turned on Presto, and was subjected to about eight or nine ads, not all of which were suitable for an eight year old.

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