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Dining In The Dark: Hope for Retinal Disease

Of the first dozen times or so that I ever saw Joel, my then future brother in law, I think we were in a restaurant a good four or five times. This was probably just a chance event, but there were a number of dinners and one lunch with the family that Joel and Alyssa (Amanda’s sister) attended. And I noticed something. Joel and Alyssa seemed to be very keen on the idea of consulting over what to eat. Many couples do this, including Amanda and me. For example, if there are two items on the menu that I know I’d be happy with, and Amanda is pretty sure about one but not the other yet wants to try it, we’ll get those two, with the idea that we can either share them or switch them later. So for all these visits to the restaurants, I had assumed Joel and Alyssa were making some sort of similar arrangement, and it was kind of cute.

After several weeks I learned that Alyssa was actually reading the menu to Joel because he was blind. I had no idea.
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