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How to share files with other people easily

Dropbox is still the best way for most users to store their files on multiple computers and in “the cloud” in part because it is system agnostic and not linked to a corporate entity that has other plans for you. And, using Dropbox you can share files pretty easily as well. However, there is another way to share files that is amazingly cool that I just found out about. It’s called “Drop Canvas.” With Drop Canvas you drag and drop files onto a “canvas” (it’s a web page) and then send the canvas to someone.

I’ve implemented a test already. A couple of other people and I are planning to make something for someone that involves images. So, I threw a bunch of possible images to use on a drop canvas and sent it around. Others can add additional images. I’m pretty sure others (to whom you’ve sent it) can delete files off the canvass (well, at least, I’ve just deleted a file off a canvass I sent to myself). So this could be an interesting collaborative tool.

Drop Canvas in action (screenshot)

Hat tip Yaara Lancet who also suggests other file sharing options.