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Get Your Dump Trump Bumper Sticker

Remember the Dump Nixon movement?

Well, now we have the Dump Trump movenet. Same idea, but it rhyme better!

I have assembled a handful of suggestions for your body, your car, your doorway.

dump_trump_hatThe Dump Trump Hat Anti-Trump Navy Blue also comes in a “Fuck Trump” version and is very reasonably priced. I’ve already ordered mine.

This second one is cheaper: Dump Trump- Navy Blue Hat/Cap- Low Profile- Adjustable 100% Cotton.

I’m actually worried that I’ll wear out my Dump Trump hat, so I’ll probably order one of these too just in case.

Here is a Dump Trump Tee Shirt:

Dump Trump T-Shirt-Funny Humorous Novelty Election Shirt-Large-Black

Here is a Dump Trump button:

Geek Details Dump Trump Pinback Button

Here are some options for Dump Trump bumper stickers:

TEN Pack of BUMPER STICKERS: Dump Trump. 3″ x 10″



Dump Trump Make America Great Sticker 7.5-by-3-inch


And finally, the Dump Trump Doormat:

Donald Trump Novelty Doormat, Includes FREE Dump Trump Bumper Sticker, Funny Political Gag Gift for Democrats & Republicans From The Maker Of The Best Selling Donald Trump Toilet Paper, 33″ x 16″