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It is time to start thinking about nesting

i-724b30210afcc1a983254e2adba57f2d-Avian_archetecture_book_bird_nests.jpgBirds don’t live in nests. They make nests for specific purposes, use them for that purpose, then abandon them. Or, sometimes they don’t abandon them, but rather add on and use them again and again, but in between they don’t live in or on them. Well, sometimes they hang out on them a lot. And not all nests are for putting their eggs in. In fact, sometimes a nest is more of a symbol of quality and overall bird sexiness than it is a place to keep the chicks. As it were. Oh, and sometimes they live in the nests, now that I think about it … It’s complicated.

But there is a book that can help you keep it all straight: Avian Architecture: How Birds Design, Engineer, and Build by Peter Goodfellow.

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