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NASA Really Did Find Lost Tapes That Don’t Exist …

… Maybe …. Sorta….

We’ve been burned by this one before. As you will recall, the claim was made that the visuals we all saw of the first steps on the moon by humans were a black and white compressed image sent from Australia, shown on a TV at Mission Control (or someplace) and then shot with an old fashioned TV camera (they only had the “old fashioned” ones back in those days, of course).

But, we were told, high quality color videos were taken at the same time but then lost right away. Then, we were told, they were found.

Then we were told by other people who seemed to know what they were talking about that these higher quality tapes did not exist, could not have existed, because the camera needed to make them was not sent to the moon on that first trip.

Well, now we have something directly fro NASA:

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