Chanting “God Save The Queen,” a mob of angry children surrounded Westboro Baptist Protestors who had shown up to harass a school’s community who had elected a transgender homecoming queen. The protesters were forced to get back in their care and get the hell out of Dodge. Or, in this case, Oak Park Missouri.

From this Revolution News:

High School students, Church groups, anarchists, antifacists, liberals, LGBTQIA+ activists, and more came together to send the Westboro Church and their message of hate back to Topeka Kansas – and to honor Landon Patterson. The Westboro Baptist Church didn’t even make it to the school.

At a street corner, activists swooped in on them, and a group of anarchists immediately held a banner in front of the WBC to block them. Other protesters swarmed in from behind, and everyone chased the four or five members of the WBC back to their van. The police, of course, protected the WBC the whole way.


Two quick items for you to have a look at.

First: Why the Democratic Debate Should Focus on Climate Change

The pressure is on: Activists are pushing hard to make climate change a major topic in the Democratic presidential debates. The first of six planned debates will be hosted by CNN on October 13.

Tom Steyer, the billionaire founder of NextGen Climate, sent a memo on Tuesday to CNN debate moderator Anderson Cooper arguing that he should devote significant time to the candidates’ climate plans. “To be a leader of the Democratic Party—and the country—you have to lead on climate change,” wrote Steyer. “During the first Democratic presidential primary debate, I urge you to push the candidates to articulate, defend, and refine their plans.” Steyer has previously called for the Democratic National Committee to add an entire debate devoted solely to climate change, a proposal that drew praise from 350.org founder Bill McKibben.

And gun regulation.

Second: Debates on cable, not free TV — a new poll tax?

A large share of the presidential primary season debates will not be aired on free over-the-air broadcast networks. Of the 15 primary season debates, all but five will air on cable TV.

That pattern has led Susan Crawford, a Harvard University law professor, to question whether there is something terribly wrong here. Crawford published a piece last week in Medium about the cable subscription fees necessary for interested voters to watch the debates in real time.

She said it amounts to nothing short of a poll tax.

That’s a big, bad claim in a country in which poll taxes were deployed uniformly to keep black and Latino voters away from the polls in the Deep South and Southwest in the decades before the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

ST. PAUL, MN - SEPTEMBER 2: A woman is taken into custody by police near the Xcel Energy Center, the site of the 2008 Republican National Convention (RNC) September 2, 2008 in St. Paul, Minnesota. The GOP will nominate U.S. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) as the Republican choice for U.S. President on the last day of the convention. (Photo by Eric Thayer/Getty Images)

Saint Paul Mayor Coleman has laid down the gauntlet for Black Lives Matter over the Twin Cities Marathon. The Saint Paul police will be deployed to ensure that there is no disruption of the event. This is different from two recent actions by Black Lives Matter, an action at the State Fair and an action to stop a transit line going to the stadium where the Vikings played their hope opener. In those cases, the police observed and the demonstrators demonstrated and, in the case of the Vikings game, buses were used to route game-goers around the stopped part of the transit line.

According to a report by MPR

Coleman, who plans to meet Thursday morning with Black Lives Matter leader Rashad Turner, said “all options” are on the table to maintain order Sunday.

Hours after the mayor’s statement, Smith and St. Paul City Attorney Samuel Clark reinforced Coleman’s vow to keep the event from being disturbed.

“We will not tolerate any actions that compromise the marathon,” Smith told reporters.

Smith said the department is committed to protecting protesters’ First Amendment rights as long as their behavior doesn’t threaten public safety.

Marathon runners and spectators should enjoy the day without worrying about their safety, he added.

“Make sure your actions do not interfere with the safety of others, not the runners, not the spectators, not the men and women who will be working the event,” Smith warned would-be protesters. “Otherwise there will be consequences, including arrest.”

Coleman and the Saint Paul police are famous for taking no prisoners, and by that I mean taking several prisoners, in stopping actions and disruptions at the time of the Republican National Convention in Saint Paul several years ago. More recently, the Saint Paul police have been involved in a number of incidents that appear to be over-reactions by police to unarmed black citizens, in which those citizens were harmed, and one killed, which is one of the reasons Black Lives Matter is planning the action at the marathon.


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August 29, 2015 marks the tenth year since Hurricane Katrina became a platform for a conservative recovery agenda pushed by then President George W. Bush. This agenda spearheaded the privatization of public places and public services in New Orleans and the storm-damaged communities of the Gulf Coast Region. The inequities and unjust outcomes of this agenda are laid bare in the short film Ten Years after Katrina: “Recovery,” “Resilience” & REALITY produced by the Greater New Orleans Organizers Roundtable.

10 Years After Katrina: "Resilience," "Recovery," and REALITY from GNO Organizers Roundtable on Vimeo.