Daily Archives: September 12, 2013

Epic, Nay, Biblical Flood.

Almost everything in the bible is exaggerated, including the floods. So when we have a flood that IS exaggerated (as a weather event) it is natural to call it biblical. The National Weather Service is calling this flood BIBLICAL (They always use all caps). Paul Douglas is calling it biblical (see below). I sent my friend the National Weather Service bulletin mentioning the biblical nature of the flood. She read my email on her cell phone while gazing at the wreckage of part of the back of her house down stream in a large river that was never there before and used to be the road, trapped at the base of a canyon, with her husband, a volunteer rescue worker, trapped somewhere over the mountain ridge. She said it was the first time she laughed since the biblical floods began.

Many weeks of rain fell in just a few hours on saturated ground. Expect more news from the vicinity of Boulder, along the east slope of the Rocky Mountains as various communities are rediscovered by civilization, or Doug, as needed, over the next few days.

Here’s Paul’s summary: