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The Link Between Climate Change Denialism and Fundamental Christianity

I think the primary political framework for climate change denialism is Libertarianism, with a lot of overlap with Tea Partiers, who are essentially Libertarians Without Brains. Libertarians can’t live with the fact that their philosophy guarantees the misery and horrors of climate change so most of them (but not all) exist in full denial. At the same time, christian fundies are against climate change science because they are against science. Fundamentalist and Atheist Libertarians overlap in the area of climate science denialsim, and it is often strange to see that. We even see climate change denialists among organizations like JREF and other skeptical groups, and now and then I’ve seen those individuals allying with fundamentalist anti-science Christian-motivated denialists to attack scientists or science communicators.

Meanwhile, this is bizarre and disturbing at several levels:

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We’ve seen this sort of thing before many times (remember the guy in Washington State who wanted to create giant fans that would float around in the sky and cool things down?). Just thought you might want to see a current example so you know they are all still crazy.

Climate Scientist James Hansen’s Retirement

The famous climate scientist James Hansen, author of Storms of my Grandchildren, has just retired from his senior position at NASA. I’ll be the climate science denialists are breathing a sigh of relief to have Hansen, who has been instrumental in developing our current understanding of climate change and who has been repeatedly attacked by those denialists, out of the way. Here’s what he says about his retirement:

Oh. So, they are not getting rid of James Hansen after all. Oh well!

More information on Hansen’s retirement, future plans, and related things HERE.

The Hermit of Maine

Maine is my favorite state. If you’ve not visited then your life is an empty shell and you don’t even know it. But it is also true that I’ve seen and heard some of the strangest things I’ve ever encountered there. So strange I can’t even tell you about it. The story that recently emerge from the Pine Tree State, about a man who became a hermit nearly 30 years ago, is not as strange as all of that, but you will enjoy it:

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I hear he’s a very good prisoner.