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Swedish soldiers discover bones of a giant

‘In 1645, the twenty-seventh year of the Thirty Years War, Swedish armies inflicted a devastating blow to the Imperial forces in Bohemia and swept into Austria with the aim of capturing of Vienna. The Imperial capitol, was not prepared to give up easily. The Swedes soon found themselves digging in for a long seige, negotiating with allies for support, and building fortifications around the occupied countryside. Upriver from Vienna, in the Krems district, while digging trenches, a group of Swedish soldiers discovered the bones of a giant….

Discover the teeth of giants. And say Happy Blogoversary to John.

Senate Vote on Keystone Imminent

This just in from Jason at 350.org:


The moment is here: about an hour ago, some of big oil’s best paid Senators filed an amendment supporting construction of Keystone XL to the Senate’s budget bill.

Our goal today is to keep the Senate from forcing Obama to approve the pipeline. The oil industry is using all their money and might to push Keystone, but we’ve stopped them before, and we can do it again.

Many of us called our Senators once already this week to stop the pipeline, and it made an impact on big oil’s vote count. One of the people that big oil needs to support this bill is Senator Amy Klobuchar from Minnesota — and since this vote will come down to the wire, they’re doubling down with pressure.

The vote could come in a matter of hours — can you call Sen. Klobuchar before the vote to tell her to stop the pipeline?

Here’s the number to use:

Sen. Klobuchar – (202) 224-3244
Then, click here to report what you heard and share this news: act.350.org/call/kxl-march-22-2013/

And here’s a suggestion for what to say when you call today:

“Hi, I’m calling to oppose the Keystone XL pipeline amendment that was just introduced to the budget. The science is settled: this pipeline is a climate disaster, and I insist that the Senator oppose this or any other attempt to force construction of the pipeline.”

In a close fights like this, calls from passionate constituents play a key role in helping Senators decide which way they will vote. Calls now will stiffen the spines of Senators who may be weakening, and get others off the fence.

This pipeline is a climate disaster, which is the reason that hundreds of thousands of Americans have taken action to stop it. If you’re a part of that number, you already know the stakes. It’s time for our supposed leaders to get serious about climate change and stop the pipeline.

Thanks for calling — I’ll have an update after the vote,


The Climate Hockey Stick is Wrong!

This is a hockey stick:


This is the Grim Reaper’s Scythe:


This is global temperature over the last 10,000 years projected into the immediate future using good scientific estimates:


You decide. Should the Hockey Stick be replaced with the Grim Reaper’s Scythe?

More information on the climate change graphic HERE.

See more climate change graphics HERE.

If you are not sure what any of this is about, you can read about the Hockey Stick thing here.