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Anthony Watts is threatening to sue me

As I mentioned, I’m busy, so I’ll just do this in pictures, kinda like a cartoon:

There was no “walk back” by Joe. He merely added some links.

The results of the poll so far:

Personally, I’m hoping for “Force him” … that would be fun to watch.

Meanwhile, there is a lesson here. Science denialists like Anthony Watts do not want to be disagreed with. I think we may have already known that, though.

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More evidence that the Canadians are massing on the border ….

… in preparation for an attack.

Also, more evidence, which you did not need, of how many people are in cars at any given moment, apparently!

This is a map where there are dots representing each and every person in the US and Canada. It is zoomable. Is is HERE. It is pretty freakin’ cool.

It is also about all I’ve got for you today. Over the last two weeks the immediate and extended family has been ravaged with illness and stuff, things are in a state of slow down. When I’m not laying there sick, I’m taking care of Huxley, who is laying there sick, or, the two of us are laying there sick in each other’s vicinity. So, I’m not getting much done.

There are big things coming in the future, though, including two or three guest blog posts that you will love.

Also, a lot of interesting climate related posts, most likely. There is a backlog of climate-linked information and analysis.

Enjoy the map.