Daily Archives: January 12, 2013

So, is global warming stopping all of the sudden? (No)

The UK Met Office, a climate agency, released some information about the immediate future, based on modeling. Briefly, it notes that natural cooling effect may temporarily ameliorate the increase in temperatures caused by global warming in some locals; it does not say that global warming is attenuated in any way whatsoever. It is more of a long term weather forecast than a climate change prediction.

The climate science denialist community, a community run by willfully wrong miscreants and with a following of mostly ignorant sycophants, and which only likes modeling when it seems to show what the denialists want it to show, made much inappropriate hay of thisleading to BBC Today to produce this headline:

“Met Office Does Not Believe that Global Warming Will Be As Severe As Previously Predicted”

When asked, the Met Office says they’d prefer the following headline to reflect what they were saying:

“Latest forecast for the next five years show that the earth will continue to be at record high levels, and there is a fair chance that new records will be made during that period.”

Here is the BBC fixing their mess-up:

Sad to see Today digging in rather than getting on board with a vigorous effort at making it right.