Where do you get a frog that does this?

This doesn’t look fake, but I wonder … is it?

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3 Responses to Where do you get a frog that does this?

  1. Paul Hutch says:

    Some pet shops sell them as Pixie Frogs (a nickname based on the Latin name Pyxicephalus adspersus). When they are little you’d be fooled into thinking it’s a cute little passive frog. Then it grows up and you find out it’s a very aggressive and powerful predator, oops. While I can’t be certain the video isn’t faked it certainly seems probable that teasing it could lead to it getting overly aggressive.

  2. Greg Laden says:

    Do they also sell “Pixie Alligators” and “Pixie Rattlesnakes”?

  3. robb says:

    i have seen this video. i have also seen some species of lizard doing the same thing in another similar video with a different but similar game. it seems to be real…

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