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OMG this is hilarious

First, just in case you didn’t know, Grover Norquist is a right wing lobbyist who developed the “Taxpayer Protection Pledge” that most Republicans are required to sign in order to run for office. He apparently hosted a “victory party” on election eve, but the party was crashed, and pawned, by a left wing activist street performer with a camera. The following ensued:

Science Debate 08 12 14 16?

I am sure that by now you know about ScienceDebate Dot Org. It was set up for the 2008 US presidential election by a bunch of people including my friend Shawn Otto. The idea is to simultaneously push for an actual debate focussed on science and science policy as part of the presidential election process, and to make people realize that such a thing, which is not happening, is important.

We’ve had a couple of elections now that were almost overshadowed by major storms, the most recent, Sandy, being as much of a direct effect of Global Warming (a scientific issue) as any large storm ever was, since it was both strengthened by Atlantic warm waters (caused by Global Warming) and directed to New Jersey and New York by blocking features in the atmosphere that seem to have emerged from the lack of Arctic Ice (caused by Global Warming). Ya. Global warming killed over 100 Northeasterners and did a gazillion dollars in damage in one day. It is relevant. Let me say that again. It. Is. Relevant. And solving this sort of problem is a matter of science and science policy, and it is not being discussed enough.

Science Debate OK has put out a report to stakeholders, in the form of a simple web page with many useful links. It is here. Go have a look.

The time to join up with effort a propos the next presidential election is now, not later. Also, I would hope we can do things between now and then, perhaps pertaining to midterm Congressional elections.

What do you think?

And, in case you have not seen it here is a page of Science Denialism related resources.