Daily Archives: October 25, 2012

Women for Romney

Obviously, a lot of women are going to vote for Mitt Romney. Otherwise the numbers would be way skewed. But there is this thing that any women thinking of voting for Mitt Romney should watch, a video made by some women that I think are not planning on voting for him. Check out their message. You may change your mind.

Is there a Chiropractic "Cure" for Colic?

Somebody asked me about colic and Chiropractic treatments. The evidence for: One or more very small studies suggest that some kids have upper spinal “damage” associated with childbirth, and some Chiropractors carried out minor “manipulation” thus reducing the colic. This evidence is very weak, as the assertion that there is an upper spinal damage syndrome is unverified, there is not an independent (or any kind of, as far as I can tell) measurement that the treatment affected the injury that may or may not have been there, and the effectiveness of the treatment is indicated in studies that did not use controls (everything that doesn’t kill you gets better, so even dangling a rubber chicken over the infant could work) and this is all based on reported recall data by parents who were predisposed to believe that the technique worked.

Meanwhile, there have been studies of this, and the studies show mixed results. Interestingly, the better the methodology, the less “result” among the handful of studies that have been done. In the end, there is no evidence that Chiropractic treatment would actually work for colic, and it is known that Chiropractic treatments can have damaging effects.

At the very least, if you bring your infant or toddler to a Chirpractor make sure of two things: 1) that only “mild manipulation” is used, nothing more, because more can cause damage and b) your income level is high enough that you can toss money down the drain and still have the resources to otherwise provide for the child.

And, above all, before you even bother, READ THIS.

There are actually a few things that MIGHT kinda sorta work for colic mentioned in that article, which I’ll let you discover by reading it.