A woman’s place is ….

“Woman’s world is her husband,her family,her children and her home.”

Who said this?

a) Paul Ryan
b) Michele Bachamnn
c) Adolf Hitler
d) Pat Robertson
e) Rush Limbaugh

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4 Responses to A woman’s place is ….

  1. Bill says:

    All of the above. (OK, maybe there’s only one for whom it’s an exact quote—and I have no clue who that might be; but it’s certainly in character for all of them.)

  2. edivimo says:

    Hmm… all of them?

  3. Greg Laden says:

    Only one of them made that specific quote.

  4. Dazed and Confused says:

    Hiutler but like edivimo says – it fits all of them to a t