A while ago I asked Should we just stop using reddit? (For those of you following the Freethought Bullies discussion, I’ll note that one of my frustrations with Freethoughtblogs, which I overall think is a great blog network, is that so many bloggers there uncritically involve themselves in Reddit to the point that they are by default defending the widespread and offensive misogyny there.)

Lots of people showed up on that post to hate me for hating the hate at Reddit. Whatever.

More recently, Jim Hines, the author, has written this post: Why I Cancelled my Reddit Q&A [trigger warning].

What Hines notes in his post is even worse than what I had encountered. It is a very good argument for leaving Reddit off your social networking list of things to do.

Unless, of course, Reddit does the right thing.

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4 thoughts on “Boycott Reddit? (Again)

  1. Ugh. The comments continue to have more “you don’t get reddit” nonsense. No, everyone gets it. The people who run reddit need to stop being the Joe Paternos of the Internet.

  2. The people who run reddit need to stop being the Joe Paternos of the Internet.

    It is comments like this that make me want to install a “like” button for comments on this blog.

  3. A few weeks ago, I would have said yes, ban ban ban.

    I’ve recently started using r/exmuslim, though, because I live with my parents and need the Ramadan commiseration. I don’t know how I’d survive without the support.

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