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Joe Romm's Testimony on Climate Change and Wildfires

Joe Romm of Climate Progress gave testimony to the US Congress on the relationship between the release of long-trapped Carbon into the atmosphere through the use of fossil fuels and drying conditions that lead to an increase in wild fires. Joe notes “… we’re already topping Dust Bowl temperatures in many places — and the Earth has warmed only about 1 degree Fahrenheit since the 1930s Dust Bowl. Yet we are poised to warm some 10 degree Fahrenheit this century if we stay on our current path of unrestricted carbon pollution emissions.”

Here’s the testimony:

You got a bunch of guys about to turn blue.

You know what I’m talking about. Here’s the video:

The Eagle has landed. Holy crap. Excellent driving. Neil.

I love that Armstrong checks to see if it will be possible to get back up the ladder in his space suit before stepping off. Good move. That would have been…interesting…if they could only step onto the moon and not step off of the moon.

That was July 20th, 1969. Where were you? I was in China. You can see me in the video at about 9:10.

Only kidding. I was in Albany, NY glued to the TV. I remember the rug I was sitting on. I remember who was in the room. I remember the blanket that was draped over the couch thingie that wasn’t really a couch.

65 people injured, 14 killed, in Colorado theater shooting: “not terrorism”

This happened around midnight or 12:30 in Aurora, Colorado, which is near Denver. There is someone in custody. The mall theater was showing “The Dark Knight Rises.” The shooter fired from the front of the theater, shooting into the audience, after releasing a canister of some sort of gas.

10 people died at the theater, including some very young kids; four died at the hospital; 10 or so are being treated at the hospital; presumably the others said to be injured were treated at the scene. Some are being treated for chemical exposure.

The FBI has claimed that this does not appear to be terrorism. Yeah, I know, I’m heading for the dictionary just now.

Most of the injuries are not gunshot wounds, but from “shrapnel” caused by gunshot wounds, according to an Aurora police spokesperson. That makes sense. We wouldn’t want to blame guns for anything they didn’t actually do.

The police are looking everywhere for explosives: the theater, the parking lot where the gunman was arrested, and the gunman’s apartment.

Was Microsoft referring to female breasts or its CEO?

This from Slashdot:

“Microsoft has apologized and promised to rectify the fact that one of its developers slipped a sexist phrase into Linux kernel code supporting Microsoft’s HyperV virtualization environment. In that code, the magic constant passed through to the hypervisor reads ‘0xB16B00B5,’ or a slightly camouflaged ‘BIG BOOBS.’ After Linux developer/blogger Matthew Garrett criticized Microsoft for the stunt, the predictable debate over sexism in the technology world ensued. Microsoft issued a statement to Network World apologizing and added, ‘We have submitted a patch to fix this issue and the change will be published in a future release of the kernel.'”

HREE is the NetworkWorld link.

Now, my question is this. What was really being said? Because I think there are two possible interpretations here. 0xB16B00B5 could be parsed as BIG BOOB S for Big Boob Steve Ballmer, or it could refer to the female body parts.

I’m going for the Steve Ballmer theory.

Climategate investigation ends

Climate gate involved the criminal theft of computer based data from University of East Anglia (UEA) researchers by global warming deniers. According to Julian Gregory ,Detective chief superintendent, “the data breach was the result of a sophisticated and carefully orchestrated attack” and that there was no evidence to suggest that anyone working at or associated with UEA was involved in the crime.” However, the criminal perpetrator, we assume a member of the global warming denialist community, was not discovered and the statute of limitations for this particular criminal act runs out in November. Thus, the investigation closed Wednesday.

Leo Hickman has the full story here.

World’s oldest known bra

The world’s oldest functioning bra has been discovered. Details are here at the Smithsonian. The same thing happened to me once: I discovered a secret panel in the big-old house I was living in, and there was a crawl space. In it I found WW I era discharge papers from the Italian Army and a whalebone corset from the same time period. This new bra, though, is much older. It is from the 15th century. I’m surprised that people didn’t think that the bra was that old.

Bachmann Widens Net, Redefines Batshit Crazy

Michele Bachmann. Is she bouncing out of the park as we speak?
[M]ichele Bachmann has now accused her fellow Minnesota Congressman, Keith Ellison, of being a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, adding the highly respected Democrat to her imagined conspiracy theory.

In this theory, the nefarious organization known as the Muslim Brotherhood is placing their own people in top positions in the United State Government. Congressman Ellison, who represents Minnesota’s Fifth District, is the only Muslim in Congress. So Bachmann, who is probably the most batshit crazy person to ever be elected to Congress, assumes he’s naturally part of this secret coup.

This is being reported:

In an interview with radio host Glenn Beck today, Bachmann said Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress, “has a long record of being associated with … the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Ellison, DFL-Minneapolis, refuted those allegations in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, saying he has no ties to the movement. The Muslim Brotherhood is an international Islamist movement that recently came to power in Egypt, which some say maintains ties to terror groups such as Hamas.

Accusing Keith Ellison of being in the Muslim Brotherhood is nuts. Bachmann has very seriously stepped over a line here. Again. Further than usual. She’s had these uber-crazy episodes before. Continue reading Bachmann Widens Net, Redefines Batshit Crazy