The most important day in American Politics … or not.

Nice analysis of that thing that happened, by Rachel Maddow:

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4 Responses to The most important day in American Politics … or not.

  1. Rick G. says:

    Greg: My comment on this blog entry is that the audio is much too loud, and there appears to be no way to turn it down


  2. Greg Laden says:

    Well, at least you got to make a comment!

  3. timberwoof says:

    My silence on the issue of the loud video is to lull you into a sense of security about your right to listen to loud videos so that when, after years of listening to too-loud videos, your hearing is destroyed, you will permit the mandating of volume controls on all computers.

    I think I understand what Rachel Maddow was trying to get across.

  4. Uncle Glenny says:

    I think I need to take up drinking again. It’s been three days.