Sarah Moglia was wrong.

Fund Raider!!!!!!

"Sarah, our Events Specialist, promised to shave her head into a Mohawk if you donated $1,200 to her live-stream for SSA Week. She didn't think you would donate that much. Sarah was wrong."

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7 Responses to Sarah Moglia was wrong.

  1. Xanthë says:

    It looks delightful to be wrong, in the right circumstances! Well done!

  2. RW Ahrens says:


  3. Frogmistress says:

    But she sings a great Pokemon theme!

  4. rturpin says:

    She looks cute in a Mohawk!

  5. christophburschka says:

    Worth every cent, and not just because it is going to the SSA.

  6. raymoscow says:

    It’s not a bad do for her, and for a good cause!

  7. Janice in Toronto says:

    Whoa! Nice Mohawk.

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