3 thoughts on “Proof that voter ID laws are a Republican strategy to win elections unfairly

  1. Who could have ever doubted this – since Republicans ONLY push self-serving agendas !!!!!

  2. That’s a lot of applause for such an admission of rigging the system.

    I’d like to have a bit more context than just that just over ten second clip.

    Did he add or prefix it with something like “by preventing felons or voter fraud which the Democratic party has been angaging in” or suchlike? Surely? However wrong or at bare minimum inneed of clear evidence such a cliam might be?

    Because otherwise, to openly say we’re esentially rigging the state election outcome is .. outrageous and tohave that apklauded and welcomed – scary.

  3. To echo SevoR’s comment, I think the GOP genuinely believe, or at least try to perpetuate the belief that the people who will be prevented from voting by these tactics, would otherwise be voting illegitimately. Of course that’s not true, but when have facts ever stood in the way of GOP policies.

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