Barbara Espinosa Voted for the White Guy

Racism is over!

Oh, no, wait…

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5 Responses to Barbara Espinosa Voted for the White Guy

  1. Bob Allen says:

    Hair on Fire – Would that be Pubic Hair ?????

  2. Wow… don’t even bother to use dogwhistles anymore!

  3. dean says:

    This woman might be as disgusting an individual as gordon liddy. But, I get the feeling she wasn’t all that comfortable with “the white guy” either, since she didn’t use McCain’s name.

  4. Bob Allen says:

    Maybe – she forgot McCain’s name – it’s rather easy to do !!!!

  5. Uncle Glenny says:

    Jeebu, she sounds a lot like my step-mother (accent-wise; although I suppose it could be generic kinda-southern old white lady – from Florida somewhere, I think, retired to Phoenix, back to Florida).

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