New Project: Marriage

I’ve started a new project on marriage. I was asked by some Minnesota-based political folks to consider writing a few blog posts on the science and anthropology associated with marriage, to evaluate some of the claims being made by anti same-sex-marriage activists, Republicans and others. I happen to be an expert on marriage, having been married several times. So, I am going to write a stream of posts on the topic on Greg Laden’s Blog starting with this one. There will be occasional posts connected to this stream here on The X Blog as appropriate, or perhaps the occasional cross posting. The entire flow of posts will be framed in intro pointer posts at the Minnesota Progressive Project, such as this one.

So, this is what you should do: Read this, then read this. Then, later, read other stuff.

There may be some guest posts.

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8 thoughts on “New Project: Marriage

  1. On the other hand – Marge Mead had a lot to say about Human Sexuality and a type of Marriage in “Coming of Age in Samoa” – and specifically addresses the issue of what happens when Christian missionary types impose Christian sanctions upon Human Sexuality.

    The problem with marriage IS what Christian sanctions do to the puppy !!!!!

  2. New Project: Marriage

    Hey Congratulations Greg!! Who is the lucky person .. Oh wait. 😉

    Never mind, guess some congrats are still in order even if joining in “Holy Matrimony” you ain’t!

  3. Sorry Greg, but I have to strongly disagree with one item you said as most intelligent people should agree with me. “I happen to be an expert on marriage, having been married several times.” This would certainly be contrary to being an expert as you have not been able to continue a single marriage other then your current one (that is if you are currently remarried) without it ending in divorce. My brother is also one (similar to you) who knows nothing about marriage as he has been married and divorced 4 times. He in fact admits he has no clue as per his track record as he says it. Your other claim of being an authority in marriage due to being an anthropologist would appear to be correct since you have studied past civilizations for information. Sorry I just had to point this out and but I am looking forward to reading your posts. Hopefully you will also learn from your posts how others work to build a thriving and loving relationship that will as the phrase says “till death do us part”.

  4. I read all of the articles and links posted and thought I am probably not the only one who got a chuckle from it. Sorry if it came off as being to direct to the point. I was simply stating facts. Again looking forward to reading future posts on it.

  5. OK, fine.

    There are facts, but you’re not stating them. You’ve said that a marriage is a lifelong arrangement and anyone who does not engage in a life long marriage is doing something wrong. I could find that personally offensive becuase that is you being judgmental not only of me but of my myriad ex wives. But, it is also just plain wrong. There is no objective evidence suggesting that human marriage is ideally a life long bond. This is a cultural phenomenon. In some societies marriage is supposed to be a life long bond, in others, not. I those in which it is supposed to be, it often isn’t anyway.

    Just for fun, I’ve had a number of other people read this blog post out loud while I watch them. I always offer them a drink first. When they get to the “I’m an expert on marriage because I’ve had so many” they always spit out the drink. My wife had to take a break for a while because she thought it was so funny. She then demanded that I include a disclaimer, but she was only joking. I think.

    1. Sorry Greg in implying that most people (aka you) used the phrase till death do us part in their vows. I am guessing you did not. I hope your current marriage does last forever for what it’s worth. Regards.

  6. That’s a good point. I do hope to get to these detailed rituals.

    If I did use the phrase early on in my career it could have been a metaphor.

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