Daily Archives: June 19, 2012

Step away from the security vehicle with the dog in it.

The other day I found myself with Huxley standing outside a townhouse with no way to get in, within a walled-in court yard, in Minneapolis. Suddenly a K9 Patrol car with dogs came tearing into the courtyard. Other police cars showed up. Cops with drawn guns were running around. It was interesting to contemplate the difference in strategy to avoid ricochet bullets within the stone and brick enclosed area vs. attack dogs who might assume that we were bad guys. I moved Huxley to a corner facing away from the action and then I watched, prepared to throw him up on my shoulders while I wrestled with a police attack dog.

Turns out neither was a concern. But that’s because I wasn’t at Walmarts in Arkansas! Have a look at this video: Continue reading Step away from the security vehicle with the dog in it.

Nvidia support for Linux UPDATED!

Linux inventer Linus Torvalds gave a talk recently at Aalto University in Finland. It is a very interesting talk that anyone involved in Open Source technology or computer software development would enjoy. During the talk, the issue of support for Linux from hardware manufacturers came up, and Linus had a comment for Nvidia, which it seems is not only non-supportive but maybe even anti-OpenSource. Linus’s comment is below the fold becuase it is not work safe:

If your browser does not support moving GIF’s then you may want to go to the source, here.

UPDATE: Nvidia has responded. They say everything is fine. See: NVIDIA PR Responds To Torvalds’ Harsh Words

JREF Welcomes New Communications Director

The James Randi Educational Foundation, which does important work on behalf of skepticism and education, has been without a communications director for a while now, but has just announced the appointment of Carrie Poppy to that position. From a blog post by DJ Grothe:

I am pleased to share some exciting news straight from the James Randi Educational Foundation, and to introduce you to the newest member of our team, Carrie Poppy. After months of searching and interviews, we are thrilled to have Carrie join us. She has been involved in the non-profit world for several years, and has worked on many successful campaigns in LGBTQ rights, animal protection, and skepticism, a cause about which she is especially passionate. I asked Carrie a few questions from our brand new offices in the heart of Hollywood, California. (Open house details to be announced in the weeks ahead; stay tuned!)

The rest of the post is an interview with Carrie.

Everything I’ve heard about Carrie Poppy is pretty positive, often glowing. The PETA link is interesting; if you’ve followed my commentary on “animal rights” you’ll know that I have a very pro-animal rights mixed with anti-animal rights set of views. And in between. Maybe that’s a topic we should bring up again in the near future.