And here is the honoree being about as gracious as he is capable of being:

From the Maddow Blog:

Mark Twain, Harry Truman, Walt Disney, and a misogynist who thinks Democrats are “deranged” and advocates for access to contraception are “sluts.” Congratulations, Missouri.

Incidentally, Republican leaders of the Missouri House kept yesterday’s event secret until 25 minutes beforehand, hoping to keep protestor away from the unveiling of Limbaugh’s bronze bust.

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4 thoughts on “Missouri Honors Misogynist who Equates Contraceptive Using Women to “Sluts”

  1. And here is the honoree being about as gracious as he is capable of being

    Which isn’t very.


    Rush an addled ranting drug addict

    Banging on about “sluts”

    That aren’t at all

    Just women wanting fairness

    And asking to see those “sluts” perform

    Like he’s entitled to

    Passing judgement

    Passing wind and verbal diarrhea

    Via big mouth

    On radio.

    What’s sadder?

    Rush Limbaugh

    Or the fools who take him seriously? (Apologies to Star Wars)

    Does anyone do that?

    Can anyone do that?

    Hello Missouri!

  2. On radio or is that on TV?

    Never heard the man myself.

    Known only by bad reputation.

    Am I missing something?

    Doubt it.

  3. Sorry, but sluts don’t actually exist, so he can’t really compare women to sluts, only call them that.

    /minor quibble

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