I am the Masonic Harvard Antichrist

No kidding.

You’ll remember that a few days ago I encouraged people to complain to WordPress about the website hosted there run by the Greek Nazis (Golden Dawn). The idea was to poke the Nazis in the eye, using the fact that they had violated the WordPress terms of use. Some of you didn’t get that and were all “boo hoo” about the Nazis and wanted me to leave the poor babies alone. But what no one realized at the time is a darker, much darker truth: I do not oppose the Nazis because they promote violence against “races” and classes of people they abhor. No, my dearies, that is not it at all. I oppose the Nazis because I am a faithful member of the Masonic Order of the Illuminati, Harvard Branch, and I carry Antichrist credentials. Long before I was born, the soul that would later be implanted in my body made a pact with the Devil…or Flip Wilson, I can’t remember…to lay in wait until the rise of the Nazis in Greece in 2012. Then, to poke them in the eye.

I was not going to tell you about this but, alas, my true identity has been exposed by a shrewdly managed web site run by Nationalist Orthodox Antisemitic Christians in Greece. The site is written in Greek, but my friend Google was able to translate it. Sort of. And, I’ve gone over the gist of the site with my man in Greece. Sort of. And I can give you the lowdown, in pictures and words:

This is the banner from the site. It is all about god, jesus, and hating Jews (see below). These people are very very holy and very very smart to have figured out my plan.

They talk about the glorious victory of the Gold Dawn Nazis in the recent Greek election.

And they provide statistics showing the great number of people who voted for them.

This bit of text seems to be about how people should not be Nazis. This seems to have annoyed them.

I think this is the part where they discover me, but I'm not sure.

Yes, yes, it is me .... Lord Greg Laden. Bwahahahaha!!!!!!!

Here is the truth revealed, the part about how I ... well ... messed with the Nazis. Sorry guys, but it is true.

And just in case there is any doubt, here is a red arrow pointing at my name.

Then there's this juxtaposition of religious and nationalistic symbols which is always fun.

And then more of those arrows. Those red, accusing arrows. THE ARROWS!!!!

And here is where they make the connection to Harvard. Oh know, I hope this does not mean .....

No! Yes! The Harvard Lodge ... an order of the Masonic Fraternity known to be linked to the Illuminati like in that book by that guy.

I don't get what this baby is doing, do you?

And then ... the final link is made between the Illuminati and the AntiChrist. And me apparently.

... but wait, there's more! At this point, it would make total sense for me to be a Jew. But I'm not. It turns out I'm an Atheist, and this has TOTALLY freaked these guys. Notice the large red arrow. THE ARROW!

... an not only am I a Harvard Trained Illuminati Masonic Atheist, but ... I am also on Facebook! And, on my facebook page, there was a picture of GIRLS KISSING!!!! WITH ARROWS!!!!

Which, in turn, clearly links me to the Islamist Kenyan President Barack Obama about whom I've also blogged. In relation to GIRLS KISSING (and guys). With yet another red arrow. Note the red arrow.

... and this ... I just don't know what to say about this. Besides, I've got to get back to fornicating and idolitrizing and stuff.

Go visit my new Greek friends.

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26 Responses to I am the Masonic Harvard Antichrist

  1. Enkidum says:

    Wow, you are all kinds of awesome we lurkers never knew about! Nice work!

  2. Emilia says:

    I would like to get me some of those red arrows.

  3. Zinc Avenger says:

    So, if I want in on the Global Conspiracy, can I just talk to you about it or should I just wait to be kidnapped in the shower by burly, black-clad men?

  4. Greg Laden says:

    We’ll be by later to kidnap you.

  5. I had a lovely conversation with your man in Greece recently, by the way. It was all kinds of geeky fun.

  6. Fred says:

    Quite the Internet detective they have on staff.

  7. shouldbeworking says:

    It didn’t take them long to have you completely figured out. Just who was in charge of your security? The same guys who did Roswell, the moon ‘landings’ and Elvis’ undercover mission for the FBI?

  8. Hatchetfish says:

    Entirely ot, though I claim the nazis started it. (Hmm. Is that a Godwin variant?)

    What is it with nazi web design? It’s like their primary inspiration is Quake III or something.

    “No, we’re not genocidal fuckheads with an unhealthy fixation on violence, themes of violence, and violent and/or demonic imagery. We’re just decent right thinking decent people of decency who want a better world for decent white decent people…

    …Who just happen to like black, blood red, dried blood red, and old dried blood red color palettes. Why? No reason. Remember to vote whi… er, decent!”

    (See also Mitchell & Webb’s take on Nazis (the original ones) and skulls.)

  9. Rixaeton says:

    I am a faithful member of the Masonic Order of the Illuminati, Harvard Branch, and I carry Antichrist credentials. Long before I was born, the soul that would later be implanted in my body made a pact with the Devil

    So, presumably you will now have to update your “About the Author” box (above) now that The Truth ™ has been exposed?

    And… why is it that super-secret conspirators keep publishing clues in plain sight on websites and in town planning? It is as if being able to run the world is not enough, but you have to rub our noses into how obvious it should be to the oblivious unwashed masses (ie: me).

  10. Uncle Glenny says:

    So that was you I shared some windowpane with in Harvard Yard, after all.

  11. Nemo says:

    I think the baby is being baptized.

  12. F says:

    “Lord Greg”, lol. So, where is the exit to this Robert Anton Wilson novel?

    It looks to me like the baby is being baptized. It also seems like the baby is having as much fun with it as they can.

  13. StevoR says:

    but wait, there’s more! At this point, it would make total sense for me to be a Jew. But I’m not. It turns out I’m an Atheist, and this has TOTALLY freaked these guys. Notice the large red arrow. THE ARROW!

    Well Jews and athiests *are* pretty much the same thing riight?

    Neither believes in teh Baybee Jeebus so, yeah, same diff!

    (Or not.)

    Oh & well done Greg! :-)

  14. shouldbeworking says:

    Would you have been offended if they called you the Masonic Yale Antichrist?

  15. Blueaussi says:

    @13 and 14

    You fools! One must wash the meat before the ritual slaughter and barbecue!

  16. dean says:

    I want some of those arrows to use when I grade stat papers next fall.

  17. David T. says:

    My gawd….my brother told me about the Harvard Illuminati, but I didn’t believe him….don’t I feel stupid.

  18. robb says:


  19. Melody says:

    *bows down to Lord Greg*

  20. Marnie says:

    I’m confused, how can a secret underground society operate in complete secrecy and yet also be completely transparent to some nitwit some 4 or 5 thousand miles away on another continent?

  21. Simon says:

    This is too funny.

  22. Brianne Bilyeu says:

    Wow. You make the best enemies, you lucky guy. I mean, Your Lordship.

  23. sidhe3141 says:

    Light red, red, and… dark cyan, I think, on dark red? Ew.

  24. John McKay says:

    I think the best part is that Golden Dawn was a neo-Masonic order that produced the Satanic showman Aleister Crowley. What kind of double game are they playing!!!

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