Aha! And you thought I was JOKING! (Gop-Spin)

I asked you to parody the GOP response to President Obama’s “Slow Jam” of the news, as part of the GOP-Spin game here on The X Blog. And you laughed! I know, I didn’t see or year you laugh, but I know you were laughing!

Well, it turns out that the GOP was rather put off by the thing, according to Media Matters, and brought to my attention by Steve Benen at the Maddowblog.

Fox News has responded to President Obama’s appearance on NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon by suggesting that Obama is somehow denigrating the office of the presidency. For instance, today on Fox & Friends, co-host Gretchen Carlson said that it’s “nutso” for Obama to go on “these comedy shows” because it “lowers the status of the office.”

So, George Bush on Deal or No Deal and Richard Nixon on Laugh-In were OK, but Obama on Jimmy Fallon was wrong.

Can someone please ‘splain this to me????

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7 Responses to Aha! And you thought I was JOKING! (Gop-Spin)

  1. Can someone please ‘splain this to me????

    Obama is a Democrat.

  2. wholething says:

    Don’t forget Bedtime for Bonzo.

  3. The Lorax says:

    They said the same thing when Obama was on The Daily Show, and stopped saying it a week after, because it was patently false. And anyway, I think it’s clear that politicians doing their normal jobs is more than enough to denigrate their respective offices.

  4. busterggi says:

    Hey wholething, Bonzo never became POTUS.

    Though he would’ve done a better job than his co-star if he had.

  5. Art says:

    “Sock it to me?” – Richard Milhous Nixon

  6. Aliasalpha says:

    I’d lay odds that The Pet Goat would have responded better to the world trade centre attacks…

  7. John Horstman says:


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