A Spoon Full of Ugandan War Lord, and Kitty Kats

You know about the Minneapolis Spoon if for no other reason than you read Biodork who uses it as a symbol in her blog’s motif. Last night someone gratified the spoon with the word Kony:

And now, the Kitty Kats …

(Sorry, I was going to put the second video in this blog post but something about the first video made embedding any second video impossible. Thank you for the upgrade WordPress and WCCO!)

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2 Responses to A Spoon Full of Ugandan War Lord, and Kitty Kats

  1. Achrachno says:

    “someone gratified the spoon ”

    That seems wrong, maybe in several ways. Grafitified?

  2. Drivebyposter says:

    Nice style the gratifier used. I like it. Now I feel like the spoon needs a 4 letter word there.

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