Daily Archives: April 20, 2012

Why does Google hate Linux?

Picasa sucked. Make no mistake about it. Whether on Linux or Windows, Picassa took the worst of all the different photo management software and combined it into a single app that I would never recommend anyone install.

Except one thing; Picasa was good at enhancing photos. It had a couple of automatic buttons that would take iffy photos and spruce them up pretty automatically, and it had a killer red-eye reduction function. But these are things that can be done on other software. If you know how to use The Gimp, you can get the same results there. If you use a Mac, you can get better results with Aperture than Picasa ever produced.

The latest news about Picassa is that Google has decided to stop producing a Linux version of it. Not that they ever did. Picassa was always a Windows app but had a Wine implementation that kinda worked. Now, it won’t even have that.

What if Linux decided to not support Google? Google would shut down in two seconds. A little mutual respect would be appreciated. Fortunately, the app that is now being pulled wasn’t very good to begin with, but still… I’m annoyed.

If you listen to this Sunday’s Skeptically Speaking you will become very wealthy!

This week, we’re joined by Robert FitzPatrick, founder of Pyramid Scheme Alert, and co-author of False Profits: Seeking Financial and Spiritual Deliverance in Multi-Level Marketing and Pyramid Schemes. He’ll discuss the promises and pitfalls of schemes, and how to tell legitimate direct selling from multi-level marketing scams. And on the podcast, we’ll speak to Paul Piff, researcher at the Institute of Personality and Social Research at the University of California, Berkeley, about his research on the relationship between social class and unethical behavior.

We record live with Robert FitzPatrick on Sunday, April 22 at 6 pm MT. The podcast will be available to download at 9 pm MT on Friday, April 27.

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