Daily Archives: April 15, 2012

We lost, but we won

Yesterday, at the Democratic Farmer Labor (DFL) Convention in Minnesota’s United States Congressional District 3, my candidate, Sharon Sund, did not gain the endorsement of our party; the endorsement went to the Gentleman from Edina, Brian Barnes. Brian won fair and square, and it was a good campaign.

This morning, my car sits in the garage crammed full of seat cushions and Sun(d) chips, campaign posters and stickers, and other sundry items hastily gathered from our convention field headquarters and the lobby of the Valley View Middle School where the convention happened.

I’ll be straight and honest with you, as always: It was not a pretty picture.
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Titanic Sinks!

One hundred years ago today, the Titanic, the largest boat in the water at the time, and unsinkable by design, ran into an iceberg and sank. Many died on board because of insufficient safety equipment.

A majority of first and second class children survived the sinking, but only 34% of the third class children lived. Almost all of the first class women and 86% of the second class women lived, but under half of the third class women survived. For men, 33% of the first class, 8% of the second calass, and 16% of the third class survived. Among crew, 87% of the women survived, but only 22% of the men.

Perhaps the Titanic can be worked into the themes of this year’s #Occupy movement?

And here, for your viewing pleasure, is an animated reconstruction of the Titanic sinking:
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