… in two parts: Among the Nonbelievers and Among the Nonbelievers: Part II.

Freethoughtblog.com readers will note that Ophelia Benson (Butterflies and Wheels), PZ Myers (Pharyngula) and I (The X Blog) were on panels what are discussed in the second of those two write-ups.

It was fun getting to know Ron and he and Razib and I pal’ed around a bit at the conference, presumably trying to get a bead on each other’s talks before moving in for the kill on the panel we shared wit Pat Schroeder. Don’t read the summaries unless you have a cast iron stomach, because it was pretty gruesome, as you may well expect!

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One thought on “Moving Secularism Forward Conference Written Up by Ronald Bailey

  1. He’s even more of a condescending ass in print than he is in person. I didn’t think that was possible.

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