I’m not sure how that works, but that is what the local news says:

Um ... ah ... whut?

The article says:

Our average price is $3.69 per gallon. … But your wallet is not the only thing being hurt by the higher prices — at least one Minnesota county is cutting back on road repairs.

But wait, what? They said … Oh, never mind.

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3 thoughts on “High Gasoline Prices in Minnesota will Cause More Road Repairs!

  1. Higher gas prices -> less driving (at least a bit) -> less wear & tear on the roads -> good thing.


    It’s not unusual for the budget for road repair to be based on tax revenue from gas sales, and that tax is per gallon, not per dollar.


    Higher gas prices -> less gas sold -> less gas tax revenue -> lower budget for road repair -> bad thing.

    Or am I being Captain Obvious again?

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