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What are the key women’s issues of the upcoming election? There really is only one: Republicans.

I was at a political meeting last night, in support of Sharon Sund, who is running against some guy for the Democratic Party nomination for MN Third District Congress, and eventually, against Erik Paulsen, who now “represents” the district. As we were breaking up and starting to head out, two women I was standing near started talking about which women’s issues should be underscored in an upcoming event. Someone suggested “There is only one issue” and they both looked at the speaker to see what it was. “Getting a woman–this woman–elected to Congress!”

And then spontaneiously the two of them sang every verse of “Bread and Roses.” It was awesome.

Anyway, I can’t really reproduce that event for you but I can show you this video I just got from Moveon.org:

“We women have a serious problem with the Republican Party”

And now …

Oh what the heck, let’s do that again with a slightly different feel:

And, what does it all mean?

Thank you Katie and Samantha.

Tornadoes: Safety is all about attitude.

Do you hear that loud, repeated smashing sound coming from the general direction of the Upper Midwest and Plains? That’s us. Here in Minnesota, we have been breaking high temperature records left and right. Most of the TV weather reporters are wearing slings, eye patches, and bandages around their heads, it’s been so intense. And, on Monday night, we had the second earliest tornado recorded in the state. It was a baby; it messed up some trees and damaged some sheds down in Elysian, in farm country.

I remember taking a stroll a few years back with a distant relative in the Ozarks, Arkansas, and we talked by a house with a strange looking hatch thingie next to it. He pointed to it and said “Looky thare, those folks gots themselves a Fraidy Hole.”1 A “Fraidy Hole” is a place where you go if you are ‘fraid of tornadoes.

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