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New Komen Foundation policy also refuses funding for embryonic stem cell research

Via Kombiz, it appears the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s newest push towards the hard-right has resulted in another new policy as well. According to a statement released at around the same time as the Planned Parenthood defunding was being planned, the Komen Foundation will also be denying any funding for cancer research that uses embryonic stem cells [PDF]. The statement language is lifted directly from far-right rhetoric on the matter, saying they will only fund stem cell research “derived without creating a human embryo or destroying a human life.”

This seems to go even farther than George W. Bush was willing to go, as it appears to offer no grandfathering of existing embryonic stem cell lines, but instead formalizes a blanket funding ban on all such research, no matter what the origin of the cells. It’s about as extremist a position as exists on the matter.


As my friend Mike suggested, we need to ask our local sports team to drop the whole “wear pink” thing.

Global Warming Battles On The Blogs

Over the last few weeks, there has been quite a bit of discussion on the Blogosphere about certain global warming related issues. Denialists have come on strong with two major and widely disseminated distortions of scientific reports and consensus, and scientists and those interested in saving the Earth and who love puppies have countered with numerous well thought out and well done responses.

But it is hard to keep track of all this chatter. Pursuant to making that job easier, I’ve assembled a bunch of links that will help you track this discussion. There may be missing items, and if so, send me a link and I’ll see if I can fit it in. I’m not likely to link to very many denailist posts (against blog policy) but I’ll consider such items. Just don’t hold your breath (though doing so would reduce your carbon footprint for a moment or two).

In order to keep things simple, I’ve listed the links in order with just the title of the blog post and a very brief pull-out, usually just the first paragraph.


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Ruh Roh. A crazy nutbag is saying scary things to me. Again.

Climate change denialism has it’s Dave Mabus, and his name is Markus Fitzhenry. I just got this note slipped under my eDoor.

You made a big mistake, lying about me.


There is enlightenment coming, it will be a cleansing wind throughout academia. This is just the tip of an iceberg, that is going to sink, the titanic of AGW, and all those on board. They are of the dark ages.
Ask David Evans, see his expose at Jo Nova science blog (au). Go to Tallbloke (uk). Go to Judith Curry (com).
The greatest fear I have is polluted minds around me. What have we become, men, who give their minds to others for safekeeping. We should pity ourselves, as well as them.
My countrymen are in danger, we have never had such wide divides between us, it is threatening division and insurrection. It must stop. We are close to solving the mystery of climate, we have most of the pieces now, and great minds will complete the puzzle soon. The Greens are deluded, we will prove it.
I am but a troubador, with a spatha of iron will. By His grace.
Yours sincerely,
Markus Fitzhenry

Then following that there’s a bunch, like thousands of words, of “bla bla bla” including this little gem:
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