… is over on Camels with Hammers.

Daniel documents and discusses Cee-lo Green, whom I’ve never heard of before but now know of as a dishonest, disgusting dick-head, singing but changing the words of a song written by a man who is a thousand times better than Cee-lo Green, as part of the New Year’s celebration. Cree Lo, kiss my ass.

Details here.

Read the comments at CWH. It appers that Cee Lo Green has committed an illegal act, violating copyright law, in the process of being a dick. I assume he has no problem with this because it was also a Christian Act, which justifies it. Right?

Whichever recording company or network owns his ass should make a statement explaining how they are going to fix this, I assume.

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20 thoughts on “The most disgusting thing I’ve seen all year, so far

  1. Really? It’s disgusting, yes, but the most disgusting?

    Most disgusting thing I’ve seen this year, yes. The reddit thing was totally last year according to my calendar!

  2. I propose the most suitable atonement on Green’s part would be to, with an explicit apology, donate his entire payment for last night’s gig, plus 20% or more, to a charity named by Yoko Ono.

  3. Glad I watched basketball instead of the New Years Eve celebrations last night. I didn’t want to watch the ball drop anymore let alone watch and listen to celebrity garbage, preferring to watch the NBA basketball games and the Detroit Pistons win their first game of the season instead. After what I heard about what Cee Lo sang last night, it looks like I made the right decision to see all the slam dunks and hear people cheer the Piston’s fist win. :)

  4. Violated the law? Yes. Criminal? Unlikely. Most copyright things are civil, I don’t think it’s criminal until SOPA or something like it passes. (IANAL)

  5. Maybe people will go back and listen to the original and notice the difference. At least I hope they will.

    Imagine is about the best atheist song ever written. The old “American Atheist Hour”on KPFT back in the eighties used it as their intro.

    Cee Lo is not the first to have made these changes to the lyrics.My only hope is that Yoko will clamp down on this lyric changing shit. She does hold the copyright, doesn’t she? If not Occupy the copyright holders.

  6. Violated the law? Yes. Criminal? Unlikely. Most copyright things are civil, I don’t think it’s criminal until SOPA or something like it passes. (IANAL)

    Yes, but he’s a coward doing something morally indefensible. Exactly the people copyright laws have been solely designed to protect and serve for about twice as long as I’ve been alive.

  7. Is there any indication of whether this was Green’s idea, or did the network insist on it to avoid antagonizing Christians?

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