On meet the press, no less:

“I reserve the right to endorse someone but at this point I have not made a decision about endorsing any one of the candidates,” she said. “We are still in the process and I really truly do, Bob, want to be a unifying person in this party.”

Uh huh.

Political analyst Larry Jacobs of the Humphrey Institute said Bachmann may be holding off announcing an endorsement for “drama’s sake.”



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7 thoughts on “Facing irrelevancy at the national level, Michel Bachmann makes important sounding statement of no substance

  1. This was in my newspaper this morning. Are we so hard up for news that it’s important to know what Bachmann doesn’t do? “today in local news, Michele Bachmann did not do anything.” Maybe they are trying to remind us that as long as she isn’t doing anything, we are safe.

  2. Ok I am a Republican, I don’t really follow the veiws of many of you and read this blog just so I have the veiw point of my opposite. But I think it is safe to say even Minnesota Republicans hate bachmann. But to be fair last time I voted the only Republican I voted for was McCain otherwise it was all Democrats.

  3. #2

    If the myriad views of FTB’s writers are what you consider to be your “opposite” then what are your own views? Just curious.

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