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Phobos-Grunt might be coming in now.

Twitter is telling me that Phobos Grunt is going to do its mostly burning up in the Earth’s Atmosphere thing RIGHT NOW. Or it just did. Or really really soon.

#PhobosGrunt is the hashtag.

If you have an aluminum foil hat, now would be a good time to put it on.

That is all.

b0yle Alan Boyle
MT @PhG_Reentry: RT @timmermansr: STRATCOM claiming #PhobosGrunt reentered, crashed in Pacific in last few minutes. Unconfirmed by Russians

_VanillaBlues Alina Razzouk
#PhobosGrunt may have crashed in the Pacific Ocean according to the US Strategic Command. Awaiting Russian validation

AdirondackAstro Michael Rector
USStratcom saying #PhobosGrunt crashed down in South Pacific off of Southern South America, but unconfirmed by Roscosmos.

monzitrek Luigi Morielli
#PhobosGrunt pare che US STRATCOM abbia confermato il rientro della sonda sul Pacifico. Si attende conferma da Roscosmos.

gregladen Greg Laden
#PhobosGrunt re-entered? Pics or it didn’t happen!

Women in Secularism …

… is a conference planned by the Center for Inquiry.

Given the role religion has played in the repression of women, they would seem to be natural allies, and, indeed, many feminists have been outspoken and influential secularists. However, the relationship between secularism and women’s issues remains largely unexamined.


Join us on May 18-20, 2012, for the “Women in Secularism” conference, sponsored by the Center for Inquiry. This historic conference will discuss and celebrate the many contributions women have made to the secular movement, while critically examining both the successes and failures of secularism in addressing women’s concerns.

Details are here.

Which House Democrats Should Be Replaced This Election Cycle?

Remember the big vote(s) that passed our beloved Obamacare? You may also remember that in the house not a single Republican voted for the healthcare bill because not only do they not want you to have fair and reasonable access to medical care and treatment, but also, they are pre-programmed by the Hate Meme to vote against anything Obama wants. If Obama says the sky is blue, then according to House Republicans, the sky is not blue.

You may also remember that 34 Democrats went along with the Republicans and voted against your access to reasonable health care at reasonable cost. A facebook friend, Sharon Johnson Miller, just reposted a HuffPo article listing the names of these Democrats. You may want to see if any of those on this list are yours, and if so, consider taking care of that as we enter the primary and caucus season and begin to select candidates to run for Congress.

They are:

Rep. John Adler (N.J.)
Rep. Jason Altmire (Pa.)
Rep. Michael Arcuri (N.Y.)
Rep. John Barrow (Ga.)
Rep. Marion Berry (Ark.)
Rep. Dan Boren (Okla.)
Rep. Rick Boucher (Va.)
Rep. Bobby Bright (Ala.)
Rep. Ben Chandler (Ky.)
Rep. Travis Childers (Miss.)
Rep. Artur Davis (Ala.)
Rep. Lincoln Davis (Tenn.)
Rep. Chet Edwards (Texas)
Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (S.D.)
Rep. Tim Holden (Pa.)
Rep. Larry Kissell (N.C.)
Rep. Frank Kratovil (Md.)
Rep. Dan Lipinski (Ill.)
Rep. Stephen Lynch (Mass.)
Rep. Jim Marshall (Ga.)
Rep. Jim Matheson (Utah)
Rep. Mike McIntyre (N.C.)
Rep. Mike McMahon (N.Y.)
Rep. Charlie Melancon (La.)
Rep. Walt Minnick (Idaho)
Rep. Glenn Nye (Va.)
Rep. Collin Peterson (Minn.)
Rep. Mike Ross (Ark.)
Rep. Heath Shuler (N.C.)
Rep. Ike Skelton (Mo.)
Rep. Zack Space (Ohio)
Rep. John Tanner (Tenn.)
Rep. Gene Taylor (Miss.)
Rep. Harry Teague (N.M.)