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We will be doing an experiment; I thought you should know.

As you know, freethoughtblogs.com has switched to a new server, and we are now in that post server-switch phase of adjusting everything that got broke during the move.

One of the problems we are having behind the scenes is this: Normally, if you open a blog post (or start one up) in edit mode, you see the current text and HTML code and stuff, you can change that, you can save that, and then the post on line is different according to those changes. What is actually happening is that there is almost no relationship, sometimes, between what you do and what comes out on the site. If you make a change, publish the change and verifiy it is there, then re-open the post and make a second change, there is a pretty good chance that the first change will be gone. Or, if you just let the post sit there and auto-saving happens, then the post may revert to an old form. And so on.

So, we are doing an experiment in which The X Blog (singularly and in particular) will have it’s HyperCache turned off. We are not sure but we are thinking that could be the cause. Or, more exactly, I was whinging about it possibly being the cause, in the back channel, and the IT Tzar, Mat, took that as me volunteering to have mine turned off to see what would happen.

Thus, HyperCache will be disabled on The X Blog during the night tonight (Wednesday).

After that, I’ll mess around with editing stuff and see if those problems go away. For your part, you can report anything interesting or strange that you observe, and make comments on performance.

The strange things you observe and issues of performance may or may not be related to this blog. As long as it is interesting.

Thank you very much.

What will you be cooking for Thanksgiving?

If you are looking for some recipes, here are a few suggestions.

Theory and background

Cooking Thanksgiving Turkey

The True Meaning of Thanksgiving: Gravy


Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Thanksgiving Deserts

Additional Information:

So, what can you add to this list?

Lynn Margulis Has Died

i-1c9ffe9bf605754c1423eb6a49ec7057-225px-Lynn_Margulis.jpgLynn Margulis died yesterday at her home in Amherst at the age of 73.

Margulis is best known and best remembered for her endosymbiotic theory. You know what this is because you took basic biology and it is now part of every textbook. Notably, at the time Margulis published this idea, it was rejected and continued to be shunned for some time, but eventually was accepted. Margulis made a number of other important and accepted contributions to evolutionary biology.

Margulis has also pressed forward with a number of other theories (either hers, or as an advocate for others) that are just plain wacky. But they only deserve the briefest of mention at this time of her death.

Margulis, who began her University training at the University of Chicago at the age of 14, earned an MA from Madison and a PhD from Berkeley (1963) won the National Medal of Science, was a member of the National Academy, and had many other awards and accolades. She was married to Carl Sagan, and their children are well known for their various contributions to science, science writing, and technology.

Image from wikipedia