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i-bd270ae2df5d82618e27c3a480cd153e-290px-Kyle-cassidy-steampunk.jpgTradition. Not just a song from Fiddler on the Roof.

You know the refrain: “The Papa, the Papa! Tradition.” It’s a great play but it is firmly rooted in the patriarchy, as “tradition” often is.

There are many ways to define “tradition” and we can look it up somewhere and have a flameware over dictionary meanings if you want. But instead I’ll tell you what I think the word means, roughly, generally, and subject to revision.

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Atheist Totally Ruin Everything for Marine Corps

Military officials at Camp Pendleton are investigating a cross that was erected by a group of former Marines to honor their fallen colleagues, after an atheist group objected to the monument.

“Camp Pendleton legal authorities are researching and reviewing the issue in order to make a judicious decision,” Lt. Ryan Finnegan said in a statement to Fox News & Commentary. “As Marines, we are proud to honor our fallen brothers, and are also proud of our extended Marine Corps family. However, it is important to follow procedure and use appropriate processes for doing this in a correct manner to protect the sentiment from question as well as be good stewards of our taxpayer dollars.”

That report at Pat Dollard dot com is accurate, but what is not, or should I say, what is offenisve, is the title for the piece: “Due To Atheist Objections, Marine Corps May Remove Camp Pendleton Memorial Cross”

No, it was not due to “Atheist objections.” It was due to the fact that the cross violates the Constitution of the United States of America, which, by the way Marines swear to protect and defend, as I’m sure the Marines who originally erected the cross would understand if it was just pointed out to them.

It turns out Neutrinos actually Do go faster than light! Maybe.

If you really, really believe in this whole Einstein and Physics thing you’re gonna say “Noez!!!! Nothing can go faster than the speed of light, c, see? So something is wrong with the NEW experiment replicating the results of the earlier experiment TOO. But maybe it is time to OVERTHROE the Physics Conspiracy and Expose the EINSTEINIANS for what they really are: HOAXES.

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