Oakland Occupy: A turn for the worse

Veteran Marine Scott Olsen was shot in the head by a rubber bullet by Oakland Police at Occupy Oakland last night, and is now suffering “skull fracture and swelling of the brain”

Disturbing video below the fold.

More details here.

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5 Responses to Oakland Occupy: A turn for the worse

  1. Leo Buzalsky says:

    Wow! Obama’s cognitive dissonance is impressive!

    I mean, when he talks about “leaders in Washington,” I would think he has to realize that he’s top dog in that category. My guess is he doesn’t think he’s part of the group that’s “not listing,” thus the cognitive dissonance.

  2. sailor says:

    Yeah, shame the police always have to pull this shit. I thought the difference between he US and Syria was demonstrations were allowed here.

  3. sumdum says:

    “Feel like” is just illusion. People don’t want to feel like, they want it to actually be like.

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  5. Aliasalpha says:

    Disturbing video indeed, you could have put up a warning about it containing glenn beck!

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