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Productivity Future Vision (2011)

What they say we get:

What we actually get:

1) 35% of every viewable surface of everything is an ad. Including the sky and the moon.
2) The technology pauses for several seconds every now and then because, well, it never works like on the ad.
3) A new EULA pops up several times a day asking you to approve a 43 page document and re-enter your passwords.
4) Passwords have become a minimum of 64 items long with a least 7 numbers, 7 symbols, and 7 difficult to remember hand and foot gestures.
5) The entire interface changes half way through and the rest of the video is people contacting each other to complain about the interface having just changed.

H/T: Joe

Discordant Democrats vs. Republican Dittoheads

I was disturbed by a recent discussion on my favorite cable TV news channel. Anchors and pundits were discussing the different approaches used by the Republican vs. Democratic Party in the heath care reform fight. An anchor was pressing the two guests about this difference in strategy, challenging them with the idea that the Republicans were better at this sort of thing because they were coordinated and in lockstep. The word “lockstep” was used. Every single Republican will vote the same exact way on the health care reform bill (against health care). The Democrats, on the other hand, will be more diverse in their voting patterns and are currently more diverse in their arguments and positions on various aspects of each issue. This was clearly and unquestionably seen by these youngsters (I think everyone in the conversation was under 40) as a sign of weakness in the Democratic Party and strength in the Republican Party. Lockstep = good. Diversity of opinion and open, rational dialog = bad.

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