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Calling Out a Corporate Sponsor at a Pro-LGBT Event

I want to point you to a post written by Katie Burgess, a community organizer and artist in South Minneapolis (originally from Maine). As executive Director of the Trans Youth Support Network, Katie was invited to give a presentation at the 18th Annual National Coming Out Day Luncheon. It turns out that a major sponsor of the luncheon at which she was to speak was Cargill. You may or may not have heard of Cargill, but if you live in the Twin Cities you know of them as the corporation that … well, owns all the food and the means of producing food (along with one or two other corporations).

Katie went ahead and spoke truth to power. Read the blog post, and the speech with is reproduced therein.

Evolution for you, for everyone, and for the spiders

I have a few items for you from the Evolution Front.

First, you can have a free copy of an excerpt form the book Spider Silk: Evolution and 400 Million Years of Spinning, Waiting, Snagging, and Mating by Leslie Brunetta and Catherine L. Craig: Click here for the PDF file.

That was complements of the NCSE. Speaking of the NCSE, you can also have the latest copy of the Reports of the National Center for Science Education in its new on-line format:

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After Pushing “Climategate,” Fox Ignores Study Confirming Temp. Record

A new study confirming the accuracy of existing global temperature records has been ignored by the all the major television news outlets, except for one mention in a CNN news brief. But the omission is most conspicuous at Fox News, which routinely casts doubt on the temperature data, accuses climate scientists of doctoring research to exaggerate global warming, and often just makes up its own temperature facts….

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Ooops… we left all the children behind

“No Child Left Behind” was doomed to be a failure, because it was ill concieved, politically cynical, and underfunded. But like the War in Iraq, the Patriot Act and Tax Breaks for the Rich, and all the other initiatives of the Bush Administration that never should have happened, we have been saddled with this melt down of a policy for over a decade. “NCLB” was one of the first policies implemented by Bush.

The evidence that the approaches developed under this policy have failed has been mounting for years, and the supporters of NCLB have been dropping like flies on no-pest strip. The latest and perhaps most important policy related statement to date has just come out, and it is a study published by the National Academies of Science: Incentives and Test-Based Accountability in Education by Michael Hout and Stuart W. Elliott, Editors; Committee on Incentives and Test-Based Accountability in Public Education; National Research Council.

And the study says …
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