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The Influence of Late Quaternary Climate-Change Velocity on Species Endemism

ResearchBlogging.orgRapid climate change can cause species extinction. But if a species is highly mobile or wide-ranging, then that effect may be attenuated. And, more rapid climate change would be more serious a problem than less rapid climate change. Therefore, there should be a relationship between species mobility (migration) and the rate, or velocity, of climate change vis-a-vis extinction. This is a nice set of hypotheses which have been tested in a recent paper. The abstract:
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GoDaddy = Piles of Spam!!!

A spammer using a domain provided free by GoDaddy, which sends people to a domain hosting service (which in turn advertises GoDaddy) has been putting spam on this site at a very high rate over the last few hours (many have gotten through).

Does this mean that GoDaddy, the internet service provider, is spamming mysite, or merely that GoDaddy is funding the spamming of my site? Do you use GoDaddy? If you do, then YOU are spamming my site, then, aren’t you?

All of you stop it.

Dirty Money

It is bad enough that major fundraising organizations often use too large a percentage of what they raise for what they claim to do (sometimes, I think, hiding that value behind local fundraising costs as seems to be the case with American Cancer Society run for life events). But, when atheistic tried to give something close to $500,000 do one such organization, they tried very very hard to not accept it. It was never stated overtly by the American Cancer society that they did not want money provided by atheists, but the atheists tried pretty hard to give it and the ACS managed to avoid it. Greta Christina has the story here.