Finally, some solid data on god.

Sometimes, when you put it all on a graph, it makes total sense!

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6 Responses to Finally, some solid data on god.

  1. unbound says:

    Very, very true. Although dog butt jesus is perhaps even more telling –

  2. Anonymosity says:





    LLOL! Seriously, the best poster I have seen in fracking years.

  3. davidlee says:

    Funny, Greg. Make sure god doesn’t have enough juice to put you on the other side of the toast ;-)

  4. Sheikh Mahandi says:

    Aha – God is obviously obeying one of those pesky laws of thermodynamics by having his power decay over time ! :-)

  5. nuspirit says:

    – Turns out you REALLY can’t make the Saviour back out of a dare once he’s had a few.

  6. Caravelle says:

    I can see they have a logarithmic scale-thingy going with the Y axis but what’s with the X axis ?

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