The Campus Republicans of the UC-Berkeley campus are having a bake sale with the cost per item set in relation to the buyer’s skin color and gender. White males would pay full price, but people who have very dark skin and are female get the food for less. Here’s the pricing structure:

  • White $2.00
  • Asian $1.50
  • Latino $1.00
  • Black $0.75
  • Native American $0.25
  • $0.25 off for all women

This is their way of demonstrating how admission policies at UC allow inferior people who should be valued less into college. The intention of the bake sale was to make people mad. That failed, and instead it made people look at the Campus Republicans of the University of California Berkeley and go “Oh, isn’t that cute. They have no brains but they can still talk and walk. Like those Japanese robots.”

From the cnn report:

Tim Wise, author of the book “White Like Me: Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son,” calls the bake sale a “sarcastic and rather smarmy slap at people of color.”

“There are a lot of ways to make a point about your disagreement with affirmative action,” Wise told Lemon Saturday night.

“I get the joke,” he continued. “How very original. It’s been done for 15 years. The point that I think needs to be made … is that by the time anyone steps on a college campus … there has already been 12- to 13-years of institutionalized affirmative action for white folks, that is to say, racially embedded inequality, which has benefited those of us who are white. And it’s only at the point of college admissions that these folks seem to get concerned with color consciousness.”

Watch the white guys complain about the tone, and Tim Wise comment:

My solution: Get together 100 Native American women. They show up on day one, hour one, and pick up their share, all of which would be free because the Berkeley Young Republicans view Native American Women as the lowest form of subhuman, according to the their racist cynical Bake Sale pricing structure. They could check back every few hours so that all the baked goods are taken before they are sold to anyone else. Then, the Native American Women can run their own bake sale, selling the Republican Brownies for a profit, 100% of which goes to a GOOD cause instead of this dickhead anti-everybody-who-is-not-white-male cause. Like maybe a brown candidate’s campaign or a women’s shelter or something.

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24 thoughts on “Berkeley Campus Republicans: Native American Women are the Lowest Form of Life

  1. Of course, the point that could be made to counter this is that they’ve mimicked rather well the actual salary structure that many of us find in place, where white males receive the most money, and on down the scale. It could be written up this way: College Republicans realize white males command the bulk of the money in this country, and recognize that we should charge more based on who is paid more. Turn it around on them.

  2. iknklast FTW!!!
    This is exactly what I thought when I saw the pricing structure, but iknklast beat me to it. Well-played, Sir/Madam!
    As for the Campus Republicans, less said about them, the better it is. But they sure provide a lot of material…

  3. I agree with iknklast. When I first saw the prices, I thought they were reflecting wage discrepancies, but then I read the actual story. Pretty shameful on their part (which really goes without saying).

  4. Everyone knows that “Asians” are smarter than “Whites”!
    There was a study. I saw it on Oprah, so it must be true.
    Native Americans immigrated from Asia.

  5. And folks wonder why we have such a low opinion of white dawgs.

    Leaving aside, of course, the ten or twenty million of us who were put to the sword these past five hundred years in the name of the jew/christian/muslim dog.

  6. I like that the CNN anchor repeatedly asks, “Do you understand?” in a subtly patronizing voice (I can detect that tone, I’ve heard it before). How delightful! He’s not stooping so low as to be a dick to the Republican student, but he is pointing out the student’s stupidity in this regard (in terms of misunderstanding affirmative action).

  7. To be realistic, they need to technically charge $2 for the white men, but the actual man only pays $0.25, his dad pays $0.75, and the last $1 comes from money that the state has given him over the years that he has saved up because he hasn’t had to pay for public services.

  8. Racism is making assumptions about an individual based on their perceived race. Ten Bears, do you really want to sound like a racist?

  9. So how much do mixed race people pay? And what about White Latin@s? I just need to get correct change out.

    There are so many levels of delicious dumbassery here.

    @Ten Bears

    Don’t you love how when you express your opinion as a person in a marginalized group, immediately some asshole will jump in with “Not all of us are bad!” and “You’re being reverse-racist/misandric/anti-hetero!”?

    Neither do I.

  10. Hilarious. A bunch of liberal idiots with no idea what’s going on. “This is their way of demonstrating how admission policies at UC allow inferior people who should be valued less into college.”

    Ignorance is bliss.

    • The ignorance is all yours, Marko. And that’s not much of an argument against affirmative action. However, this article and several comments have made perfectly clear that we understand the situation. We await your confirmation that you understand our position regarding institutional racism and the role affirmative action plays in possibly ameliorating this problem, and that you have a clear rebuttal thereto.

  11. How much would a white American women have to pay for the bake cake?
    A: Nothing. She will get paid $200/bake cake to come over and have the bake cakes. No Limits. She can have as many as she wants.

  12. Marko, that is not an argument against empirically proven institutional racism being a factor in an individual’s access to education in the U.S., and the role that affirmative action may play in ameliorating it. You also choose to ignore Tim Wise’s comments on the subject. Your claim that we don’t understand this topic simply reveals that you are not studied enough on this issue to understand the legitimacy of your opponents’ position.

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