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Living in sin in Florida?

Well, then not only are going to a) go to hell but also b) to jail if you get caught and c) Sunshine State Republicans want to make sure that does not change.

UPDATE: There’s a poll of sorts at the Sun Sentinel, here.

What do you think of the cohabitation law?. What do you think?

  • Heck yeah, we live in 2011. Who doesn’t co-habitate?
  • No way, there’s a reason this is the law.
  • I’m not sure.

As you can see, it is very well written and carefully thought out. Currently, “Heck” is winning.

Well, one Florida GOPer is trying to get this law and some other irrelevant legislation repealed. Like the law that says you must keep both hands on the handlebars when riding a bike. But the socially conservative wing of the party (i.e., almost all of them) are resisting.

The stupid laws, like the one against co-habitation and the one about how to ride a bike, should be enforced to the greatest extent possible, with the most stupid laws enforced first. It would not be long before they are repealed.

And I am not joking. In my home town, the county prosecutor ran for office on the promise that he’d get rid of the county wide blue laws. Of course, as a prosecutor, that was impossible (he does not make laws, only enforces them) but he kept his promise. Within days of being sworn into office he had sheriff’s deputies dragging people in for any violation of any of the blue laws, which were being ignored about half the time. The county legislative body repealed all of those laws very quickly.

So Florida Troopers need to put on their plain clothes and stand around waving at people going by on their bikes. Anybody waves back, and they’re BUSTED. Then, when you’ve got ’em in a choke hold and are slapping on the cuffs, ask them if they are cohabitating or not. And if they are, BUST ‘EM AGAIN.

Do this in a ‘nice’ neighborhood. Those laws will last two weeks, top.

Details here, at Think Progress.

By the way, the guy who is trying to get rid of these laws is Rep. Ritch Workman, R-Melbourne. His motivation is not social progressiveness, but rather, making government smaller, in part by getting rid of laws that make no sense. Of course, getting rid of laws that make so little sense that they are summarily ignored might not make much sense, but whatever…

Space Junk Is Getting Serious

Here is an extended quote from the Preface of a new publication you may find interesting. I thought it was fascinating:

In 1995, the National Research Council’s (NRC’s) Committee on Space Debris wrote,

The threat that orbital debris poses to international space activities is presently not large, but it may be on the verge of becoming significant. If and when it does, the consequences could be very costly–and extremely difficult to reverse. By contrast, the cost of reducing the growth of the hazard can be relatively low….The committee believes that spacefaring nations should take judicious, timely steps now to understand the risk and agree on ways to reduce it.

At that time, no destructive collisions between active spacecraft and debris or meteoroids2 had been recorded. In addition, the amount of debris in orbit did not include the aftermath of the 2009 Iridium-Cosmos collision and the 2007 on-orbit destruction by the Chinese of a weather satellite as part of an anti-satellite test. Both of those events greatly increased the amount of debris in the near-Earth space environment, thus pushing the threat posed by orbital debris even further toward what was described more than 15 years ago as “on the verge of becoming significant.”

You can get the report here.

Greg’s Bloggy Newsletter

This is an experiment. To reduce complexity in my own life and enhance the quality of communication between me and you, I’m going to try this “newsletter” thingie. It will probably be weekly, roughly timed for the middle of the week, and will include links to the blog posts I personally wish that you would not miss, information about other stuff happening on the blogosphere, a little section on activism to remind both you and me to do that, and a listing of ways in which you can reach out and touch me. Without actually, you now, touching me.

For now, I will probably cross-post this on my various blogs, though I’d love your opinion on that.

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New and Moved Blogs

This is big news. Freethought Blogs now has 16 blogs, over half of which are new. You should check them out. Ed Brayton, one of the founders of FTB.com, has written a post introducing the new bloggers. In addition, here is a sampling of current posts (from new and pre-existing bloggers) on this network:

My close personal friend and fellow blogger Stephanie Zvan has moved her blog, Almost Diamonds to Freethought Blogs. Her opening post explains her blogging strategy.

Alethian Worldview is written by Deacon Duncan, a former preacher and serious Christian who is now an Alethian. You can check out his inaugural post to find out what an Alethian is.

Assassin Actual is a Cavalry Officer in the U.S. Army deployed to Iraq in support of Operation New Dawn. Here is his welcoming post, complete with a scary graphic.

Hank Fox, author of Red Neck, Blue Collar, Atheist: Simple Thoughts About Reason, Gods and Faith, is blogging at Blue Collar Atheist. He also has a scary picture!

Butterflies and Wheels blogged by Ophelia Benson has moved to Freethoughtblogs.com as well. Ophelia wrote Does God Hate Women?, and her site at FTB.com is here.

If all you had was a hammer you’d treat the world like it was a nail. To find out more about this sort of thing, visit Daniel Fincke’s blog, Camels With Hammers, in it’s new home.

Comradde PhysioProffe seems to have changed the spelling of his name (a pseudonymous pseudonym?) and moved some time ago to FTB.com. Check out his latest recipe.

Greta Christina. Say no more. Click here.

I still have a hard time saying the name of Jason Thibeault’s blog, because where I grew up that word was considered to be a fairly strong slur and we were not told to use it. His inaugural post is here. Jason knows a lot about how to make computers work and stuff, so this is good that he is here.

You all know PZ is on FTB.com and you all know about Pharyngula. Check out this important item: As an American Atheist, I am disgusted by the 9/11 coloring book.

Reasonable Doubts is a famous podcast that bloggs at FTB.com. Here. I wonder how a podcast works the keyboard!

There is a Squid in the house. And of course, squids have a strong prurient sense. Ick!

You might notice that this list is almost alphabetical. So that would put me right about here.

Zingularity has got a very important research related blog post that merely goes to prove something I’ve been saying ALL ALONG!!!

Chris Rodda wrote Liars For Jesus: The Religious Right’s Alternate Version of American History and blogs at “This Week in Christian Nationalism” on FTB.com. Here.

In a separate matter, I want to note that Mike the Mad Biologist has left Scienceblogs.com and now blogs here. I wish him the best, of course, but I wish he was still at Scienceblogs. On the other hand, the internet is a small place…

One Stop Shopping

The latest addition to my store is a “testosterone killed my brain” tee-shirt (at the Cafe Press shirt, same place as the Darwin I Think hats and stuff). This is in response to JC Pennys shirt “I’m too pretty to do my homework” which also implies incest if you go with the usual homework-for-sex idea. Which no one seems to have noticed (or is that just me?)

Carnivals and such

The Evolution Carnival is here, at Henry Gee’s.

Activism 4 U

We are working on the first draft of the Women Thinking Free Foundation’s “More Than Men” videos. I’ve actually put them up on my YouTube stream, but there will be revisions and I don’t want to openly promote them until WTF has seen them … who knows, since I didn’t follow instruction they may get rejected! Look in this space in the next newsletter for the links, or get the preview by visiting my YouTube stream.

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